What to Do If You Are a Pedestrian Victim of a Car Accident in Sacramento California


In 2014, the California Highway Patrol was happy to announce that there was a 13.6% drop in road accident fatalities.  This made 2013 the first time in 50 years that deaths from road accidents were fewer than 100 in First State roadways. They credit the increase in the number of people using seat belts as playing a huge role in the lower fatality count followed by DUI. Unfortunately, speeding is still a major concern.

The authorities, however, report that pedestrian accidents are not decreasing significantly. Pedestrians are still not disciplined when crossing streets and roads in unsafe areas. The top three reasons for pedestrian accidents are:

  • Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pedestrians dashing to cross the street
  • Pedestrians not mindful about the driver’s blind spot

Just last March 1, a 27-year-old man stepped in front of car along US Route 13 and was seriously injured. The driver of the Nissan sedan tried to swerve but the pedestrian appeared to have panicked and moved in the direction of the car. According to the police, the man was intoxicated. The driver of the vehicle was a woman and she was not injured.  The police are still investigating the crash and the man remains in serious condition in the hospital.

A new nationwide study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has revealed that pedestrian accidents increased in 2015 by 10% from the previous year. They add that pedestrian accidents are expected to account for 15% of traffic fatalities – the first time this has happened in 25 years.

Why is there an increase in pedestrians being hit by cars?

According to authorities, driving a car is now safer but drivers tend to multitask while driving. At the same time, pedestrians are not being careful. Here is a list of why pedestrian crashes are increasing:

  • Car and truck owners are willing to travel longer distances if it means being able to buy cheaper fuel.
  • Pedestrians like to stare at their smartphones while on the road, and often wear ear buds at high volumes, rendering them unable to hear approaching cars.
  • Drunk pedestrians cross at intersections without checking if it’s safe. Most of the accidents happen at night and at intersections. Pedestrians forget that they are not always visible to drivers, but can avoid being hit simply by looking before crossing.
  • Drivers are frequently speeding and distracted.

In California, there is one pedestrian death for every 100,000 people. If you have been injured from an accident as a pedestrian despite taking all the necessary actions to stay safe, we can help you file for a compensation claim.